Cresta Insight Reporting

Cresta Insight Reporting

Our 24/7 Travel Management Reporting programme will analyse business travel, safety and habits in line with your company travel policy.

A MOT on your travel spend could influence some cost savings for you immediately.We do not cherry pick ... Unlike other Travel Management companies we offer this advanced data reporting to all our clients - not just the big spenders! For many of our clients this means up to 20 years visibility on their spend, behaviour & spend.

The depth of data will influence cost savings immediately.

Cresta Insight Management reporting is available 24/7 enabling all your data is at your fingertips. We offer 100% visibility on all your transactions to maximise cost savings through process efficiencies, drive commission income revenue optimisation and to meet all contractual commitments. (excluding M&E bookings although this is currently in development) irrespective of booking methodology and can be displayed or exported into a variety of formats, e.g., MS Word or PDF for straightforward interpretation and analysis. 

  • Identify best practice opportunities for cost avoidance, cost reduction or added value.
  • Highlight risk and opportunity within your key demand routes and destinations.
  • Optimise negotiation leverage with preferred air, rail & accommodation suppliers.
  • Enhance your preferred hotel programme through the identification of new property openings to undertake negotiation of rates, allocations, and value-added terms.
  • Deliver robust CO2 Emissions Reporting – uniquely across all spend categories, detailed CO2 emissions data generated by business travel mileage with air/rail reports calculated based on DEFRA guidelines


Bespoke reporting is enabled by a multi-functional ‘Advance Criteria’ option which allows the generation of reports to be filtered; for example, by division, cost centre, class of travel, project code and by monitoring the operating profit and loss account (P&L). 

So, how do we get the ball rolling?

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