Our Technology Apps

Our Technology Apps

Our travel management apps take the stress out of business travel by keeping your travel plans organised and easy to access, wherever you are in the world

Our HEROES encourage you to use the following business travel apps for the most stress-free business trip possible. Stay organised and in touch with colleagues and family when away from the office.

Conferma Hotel booker  

Winner of the 2018 Travel Technology Award at the Business Travel Awards and first to launch a seamless end-to-end virtual payment process. We love it. A fantastic range of over 170,000 hotel reservation systems and up-to-date deals are at your fingertips. The programme includes a virtual card payment functionality and enhanced data reporting tool. It's the fully integrated, virtual payment solution we've been waiting for!


Trip Pay

A very cool Conferma tool, available on android and iPhone.

You register through us and then all the trips you make will be in your profile on the app. A secure, 6-digit pin number will keep things safe and any information on past, present or future trips will be available to you. This is really handy for those times when a hotel reception doesn't have your payment details upon arrival: the days of panic telephone calls are over!



Our traveller tracking module will cover all your personnel and ensure they have up-to-date information at their fingertips. A text is sent 24 hours before departure and gives a regular and reliable update automatically with any changes to flight itineraries.

One happy client recently commented:

‘My flight was delayed arriving into Dubai, which meant I missed my connection and I had to wait a further 6 hours. I switched on my phone, TripCase provided me with details of my replacement flight, and the boarding cards were issued at disembarkation.

A very easy system: thanks Cresta!’



They world of journeysand ticketing terminology is enough to drive any traveller crazy. Our HEROES know their trains and know that you will love this online tool for bookings, refunds and changes to journeys. The detailed management information and travel reports support a quick and easy app.



We have direct access to a fleet of 150,000 taxis, chauffeur-driven cars and minibuses worldwide.

This is a very smart and swift tool and we are delighted to work with Groundscope. We can confidently recommend their global selection of more than 600 local, trusted and vetted ground transportation service partners.


So, how do we get the ball rolling?

Our Heroes would love to hear from you.

Call us for a chat or to arrange an exploratory meeting. Contact us by e-mail, send a carrier pigeon, summon us to a formal presentation of our credentials to your board. Or simply call in for a coffee.

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