Our Partner Apps

Our Partner Apps

Our travel management apps take the stress out of business travel by keeping your travel plans organised and easy to access, wherever you are in the world

Every time you travel do you get a real sense of how useful a mobile phone is these days? Absolutely everything these days is in the cloud, you probably feel the same!

So now so much can be done to save receipts, track your expenses and be alot more productive when you are away. These are our favourite best apps to pack for business travel. Stay organised and in touch with colleagues and family when away from the office.

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Conferma Hotel booker  

Winner of the 2018 Travel Technology Award at the Business Travel Awards and first to launch a seamless end-to-end virtual payment process. We love it. A fantastic range of over 170,000 hotel reservation systems and up-to-date deals are at your fingertips. The programme includes a virtual card payment functionality and enhanced data reporting tool. It's the fully integrated, virtual payment solution we've been waiting for!


Trip Pay

A very cool Conferma tool, available on android and iPhone.

You register through us and then all the trips you make will be in your profile on the app. A secure, 6-digit pin number will keep things safe and any information on past, present or future trips will be available to you. This is really handy for those times when a hotel reception doesn't have your payment details upon arrival: the days of panic telephone calls are over!



The App will keep you connected to your travel plans and ensure you are alerted to any changes and sync your itinerary with your calendar. It is easy then to share your trip with family, friends, and co-workers. After your journey has been booked with Cresta, you will receive a confirmation email.


Click on the “View in TripCase” link, and you will be redirected to the TripCase website to create an account. These steps can be completed on your PC or your mobile device, including your smartphone. 


One happy client recently commented:

‘My flight was delayed arriving into Dubai, which meant I missed my connection and I had to wait a further 6 hours. I switched on my phone, TripCase provided me with details of my replacement flight, and the boarding cards were issued at disembarkation.

A very easy system: thanks Cresta!’



The world of journeys and ticketing terminology is enough to drive any traveller crazy. Our in house HEROES know their trains and know that you will love this online tool for bookings, refunds and changes to journeys. The detailed management information and travel reports support a quick and easy app.



GroundScope has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in a list of companies selected by the European Business Awards. They deliver a safe, reliable and cost-effective global taxi service ensuring our clients’ employees are safely looked after wherever the travel in the world. We can offer direct access to a fleet of 150,000 taxis, chauffeur-driven cars and minibuses worldwide.

This is a very smart and swift tool and we are delighted to work with Groundscope. We can confidently recommend their global selection of more than 600 local, trusted and vetted ground transportation service partners.

GroundScope was also shortlisted for the Best Ground Transportation Company in the 2019 Business Travel Awards

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